Learn to paint beautiful seamless balayage without foils and I'm not "teasing"!
My goal is to help you grow as a balayage artist with TRUE free hand balayage even if you are a first time painter or an advanced painter! I want you fall in love with the ease of balayage and walk away with confidence!
I will be teaching true freehand Balayage with the popular Sunlights Balayage tricks and techniques! 
I will show you how to paint energy into a cut with your Balayage, keep it clean and increase your painting speed!
I know you will want to know all about placement! Don't worry, I will cover that too!
We go over what techniques to use and when and where to use them and how to get up to 7 levels of lifts! 
I supply everything except a color apron, so you don’t have to worry about dragging all that stuff to class!

This is a full day and a hands on class. With this format, you will absorb more from the class. Plus, there will be a light lunch!


To host a class in your salon please contact me at




Amy Lee Hair Artist Salon

Carrollton, GA 30117




Group Class 

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